I m impressed by your writing. are you a professional or ust very knlgeldweaboe

i m impressed by your writing. are you a professional or  ust very knlgeldweaboe
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Writing cannot be fun. Ask me, I never wrote for academics, but I had urgent requirements at class. Through a cousin's advice, I acquired their services. Their writing works are top class.

“Steve was very knowledgeable and not at all a ‘pressure salesman’ in fact quite the opposite explained the system, addressed our questions, and left it at that. I had looked at multiple competitors during the decision process, Bryant and Steve clearly won out. This purchase/upgrade is one of the smartest decisions I have made.”

“Bryant did a fabulous job of finishing our basement last year! Chris did an awesome job of coordinating all of the different aspects of the project: plumbing, electrical, HVAC and finishing. They were all punctual, professional, answered all of my questions, and easy to communicate with–I would recommend this company to anyone and will definitely be calling them again!”

“We replaced our first Bryant heating/cooling system after 15 years because they had higher efficiency equipment available. That change was done in one day and the new equipment is already saving us money. When one of their technicians made a mistake in servicing our system, another Bryant technician was quick to remedy the problem. Being on the Bryant Service Plan provides us with assurance that our equipment is always working properly.”

“. very patient and helpful to me in tracking down a lien release.  I was very frustrated and ready to become somewhat agitated, but... calmly took care of what I needed and was very polite and professional.”

“I had the pleasure of speaking with your clerk and she was very friendly and helped me find out how to remove my deceased mom from voter registration. I work in Encino and she was empathetic making a real effort to find an alternative to my driving to Ventura. Management was also extremely nice and helpful... After I hung up, I exclaimed to my co-worker how glad your office made me to be a Thousand Oaks/Ventura County resident!”

“Sometimes a single act of generosity can have a profound effect.  Your resolve... to help us record documents averted the loss of $22 million in Federal resources and allowed a project to go forward that will change the lives of hundreds of people.”

“I just wanted to drop you a note to say... in your Recorder’s Division was a wonderful help last Friday. I needed some documents recorded and copied on short notice due to an overseas immigration situation and she came through with flying colors.”

“I did use the whole protocol , but I was diagnosed BV free already, so I can’t say that it cured me. I attribute the ACV “health drink” with balancing my system and getting rid of the bad stuff and the Rockwell probiotics (pills and suppositories) with re-implanting the good. 2 years later…I’m still BV free”

Michelle was very friendly and extremely professional. After she completed my resume I sent out only two resumes and actually received both interviews! I accepted one of these positions at an annual salary $12,000 higher than I was receiving previously...

I wanted to let you know that in an interview today (large project management/consulting firm), I was complemented on the quality of my resume. The interviewer said it was one of the best he's seen. I followed up with the "thank you for the interview letter" which, is excellent as well. I thought you should know what an impact your work is making in my career search and I'm grateful that out of all the choices that I had, I selected your firm (and you). Anyway, it appears that I'm on my way, thanks to your ability to put my career and value proposition on 2 sheets of paper!

I was offered a position with XXXXXXXX as Senior Communications Associate...I just wanted to take the time to say thank you for all of your help. Your work is amazing!!! If there are any feedback forms or things you need me to complete, please don't hesitate to ask...I also shared your name with another colleague...I think your services can be of great assistance to him.

I am very pleased indeed with the results you've produced on my behalf, Michelle. One of my former business associates, whose judgment I generally regard as excellent, said that the resume "hits a home run"! I am in fact in the process of scheduling an interview with a large Wall Street firm that, after reviewing my resume, apparently concurs with this assessment.

Maybe your English teacher gave you an “A” on every essay. Perhaps you took a creative writing class in college, and impressed your tutor and peers. Or this could just be something as simple as friends saying how well you put words together.

I firmly believe that grammar, spelling and punctuation are just part of what makes for a good piece of writing – but they are an important part. Don’t worry if you’ve not had much formal instruction in these areas: many great writers approach them in a more intuitive manner.

Big, well-regarded blogs don’t just take guest posts from anyone. Landing a guest post on Write to Done, for instance, that’s a major achievement: Mary has high standards. The same goes for sites like Copyblogger and Men with Pens – and major websites outside the writing world, too.

Try it: Next time you come across a poorly-written article, web page, or short story, print it or photocopy it, and go through making editorial changes. You might surprise yourself with how much you can improve it!

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