If your artilces are always this helpful, i ll be back.

if your artilces are always this helpful,  i ll be back.
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James, I just started reading your blog. I am an internet entrepenuer myself. Your stories and style of writing hit true to my heart and have given me strength to follow your strategies. I have now made your website my home page. Thank you!

James this is fantastic. It made me realise how well my own life has been going since I started looking after my physical, emotional and spiritual health. I am still finding it difficult to come up with ideas everyday but it is a work in progress :)

Really? I think all of the items on this list can be done by anyone. Everyday. The illusion you are creating is that a job/career inhibits action. Or creates a world where inaction is okay. That sounds unrealistic to me.

Again, it seems likely that there are unconscious beliefs that support procrastination. In fact, in the process of writing this, one just bubbled up to the surface for me: On at least some level I believe that if I stop procrastinating and become more dependable and predictable in terms of meeting deadlines that the people around me will come to depend on me much more. Then I am at greater risk than ever of disappointing them. That is scary for me.

As to the omitted over-indulgent-and-excessive-masturbation-that-makes-you-question-your-own-sense-of-sexual-propriety tea cup ride, I find it usually sandwiches both sides of the depressing nap action slingshot as well as being disproportionately interspersed throughout the measure of time spent in the dark playground, often built into travel time from one productivity wasteland to another.

Of course, this is no way to live. Even for the procrastinator who does manage to eventually get things done and remain a competent member of society, something has to change. Here are the main reasons why:

The contents displayed within this public group(s), such as text, graphics, and other material ("Content") are intended for educational purposes only. The Content is not intended to substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always seek the advice of your healthcare provider with any questions you may have regarding your medical condition. Never disregard professional medical advice or delay in seeking it because of something you have read in a public group(s).

This all comes to a head in our time because agribusiness and agricultural geneticists have been busy changing the genetics of wheat, e.g., chemical mutagenesis (the purposeful induction of mutations using sodium azide) to create imazamox-resistant wheat (“Clearfield,” patents held by BASF, the world’s largest chemical manufacturer), now grown on nearly 1 million acres in the U.S. The quadrupling of celiac disease, for instance, is largely explained by the enrichment of the Glia-alpha 9 gene in modern wheat, virtually absent from the wheat of 1960. This is just ONE of the thousands of changes introduced into the genome of modern wheat in the cause of increased yield-per acre.

Unfortunately, the readership of this Harvard publication and the patients of physicians like Dr. Leffler will be deprived of real insights into this phenomenon of agribusiness-altered wheat. To call this a ‘fad” is like calling avoidance of glyphosate-resistant and Bt toxin-inoculated corn (both products of genetic modification) a fad—it is obviously not; it is a rejection of the worrisome genetic changes introduced into crops to suit the agenda of agribusiness, while ignoring the health effects on the consumers who eat these products.

In an effort to optimize my health, I decided to try 30 days wheat-free. Since I was not looking to lose weight and I needed enough energy to complete my workouts, I opted to keep my caloric intake and overall diet the same by simply replacing my normal wheat based foods (pasta, bread, etc) with non-wheat foods (rice, potatoes, corn).

Travel is the best education that one can give to oneself and YES priorities are important. My priorities are to live life the fullest and learn and share with others and of course supporting sustainable ways of living and sharing my professional expertise with others while learning to further ground on the Earth plane. Looking forward to reading your future articles.

However, your article encourage me again to pursue my long time plans. You see this coming October 1, 2009, I will be exactly 10 years in sevice for the company I am working now. I am now qualified to apply for an early retirement (10 years in service and 50 years old). Right now I am drawing my plans to make it happen at least this year.

Just stumbled upon your great site. I agree with your way of seeing life and priorities and what truly drives the human spirit. I have been traveling since I was 12 years old and move to a different country every 2 to 21/2 years. I am now in Europe and looking to move to Germany and starting fresh again. I am a Nomad and I love it. I am changing my life and trusting my inner wisdom and intuition and letting synchronicity takes place so I can gain the most out of my travels.

I love this blog, it is a constant reminder of what I want to be (and hopefully who I am). I have followed the nonconformist path since college (why limit your self to one school when you can go to three?) I am graduating this spring (debt free) and am going to work in Vietnam. I have never owned a car, and never intend to (we did not have one when I was growing up either), I love travel, I hate junk. Thanks for the site, I look forward to hearing more.

Another reason the keyword is high-value is because you can create a series of articles with your content and lead the customer from one page to the next, thus reducing your bounce rate. Each page could, for example, showcase one company or professional, their rates, work schedule and terms.

Internal linking is also a great way to reduce bounce rate. Try to link back as many as possible to our related posts or old posts that push readers to read them. This can also be good for ranking. That is my experiences, your suggestions are awesome too. Thanks

I can’t give you an explicit checklist of things to do, to increase your personal credibility. No one can, really. But, over the years, being transparent and giving away plenty of valuable resources for free have both been instrumental in my success.

I have one adventure/experiential living profile (personal) and another for natural beauty and fitness/sports modeling (more professional and just starting to get off the ground). I know you are super busy but any insight I will happily welcome!

Great tips and good to see genuine IGrammers here! But there are so many narcissists on IG that I am shocked. I just 1 girl follow me, I followed her back as common courtesy, 2 mins later she unfollowed me! Quiet a few pathetic people there too,

I do think however there are special places reserved for those who are called with every neuron in their body, to be creators. Their temperament and intelligence insist on their artistic goals, whether their creativity is in performing or visual arts or to be a masterful business executive. However, I believe these are the smaller percentages of people (personality types + intelligence + nurture + other nature influences).

On kids & dreams. Yes, partly fear and dreams. Partly resources and lack of affordable pportunities outside of overpriced colleges. Fortunately some alternatives are popping up for younger ones, like charter schools, but finding balanced opportunities (ones that integrate arts and social-emotional growth) are hard to come by for the average family. Parents yes can influence creativity and self reflection but how many know how? (This is where a creative leader, researcher, program developer, blogger, etc, can help over time.

One last question if anyone has a minute to answer. Would you create this article for more than one blog or would that just be cheesy? of course the content would be unique, but it would be the same topic and the same charts, since there are two maybe i would alternate.

I know spring is a busy season for students trying to get interviews set up for summer internships. I have been in their shoes and I know how nerve wrecking interviews can be and I want to help you and them by holding free mock interview sessions with the students. I am scheduling to do the same at other universities in the area and wanted your school to have the opportunity to participate. I’ll even throw in some free pizza for those that attend the practice sessions. I will follow up later on this week to discuss this with you.

I had this crazy experience. Last year I created a decently valuable chart. It was shared on pinterest and eventually picked up by a big blog (200k/monthly with 5k followers) I watched in awe as my stats crept up to 3k new visits in 2 days, plus 25 new likes and 10 new subscribers. It quickly fell off as the post aged, but wow was it exciting.

This is awesome; thanks for all the tips and info. I am actually going through this very process right now, as I try to get more followers on my blog, AND as I try to get crafting companies to send me free products (to use for making projects to feature on my blog, AND for give-aways to my followers) for my blog. Thank you!

If you’re primarily trying to drive product sales, your primary focus should be attractive, informative product pages that are optimized for both search and conversions. Your secondary focus could be helpful blog content that illustrates when and how to use your products, linking to those pages where relevant (it’s best if your blog is not entirely self-promotional, though).

This is an excellent piece for Internet marketers who are at a more novice level, with enough information to make it interesting for more experienced marketers as well. The how-to part is especially informative, and points out not only how much is involved in doing SEO content right, but the importance of making sure that key role is being filled by someone with know-how and experience. So much on the web is done by trial and error, and this is an area where a mistake can be difficult to recover from.

Finally, stay on top of your site’s analytics. Regularly analyze your SEO content to see what’s working and what isn’t. Good measures of success and engagement include page views, links, comments (on blog posts and some other types of content), social shares (Facebook likes, tweets, etc.), and conversion rates. Your analysis should have two goals:

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