It s about time sooenme wrote about this.

it s about time sooenme wrote about this.
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After defeating Zelena, the Wicked Witch of the West, Emma and Hook were pulled into her time portal, which brought them back to the Enchanted Forest of the past. When Emma was captured by The Evil Queen, she met a female prisoner scheduled to be executed. She was able to whisk herself, Hook and the prisoner back to present day Storybrooke. The prisoner was none other than Robin Hood's wife, Marian, who was presumed dead in the previous timeline. Regina and Robin Hood had fallen in love with one another, but with Marian's return, their relationship suffers a crushing blow.

My mom and I watched the video for this together on The Green Day Chronicles, and she noticed in the video, it shows a lot of people doing various things, but someone's missing - like a lady standing on her porch without her husband, an old man in a hospital with no family, etc., and she said she thinks they're supposed to be remembering whoever's missing. She said the song means that everybody's going to die someday, so have fun while you''re still alive. "It's something unpredictable, but in the end it's right, I hope you had the time of your life" - Nobody knows for sure when they will die, but it's ultimately going to work out okay, and have fun while you live.

This song is very misunderstood, when it was released it became the number 1 wedding song just because it says "i hope you had the time of your life" when if you listen to the lyrics its actually quite sarcastic as if its saying "I hope your happy now youve messed up my life". I relate to this song while im moving home. I hope the people im leaving behind have had the time of their life messing my life up. However, its made me stronger and so "it was worth all the while" I know eople may disagree but its how i can personally apply the song to my experiences.

First off, i would like to say this song means whatever you interpret it to be, all of you out there trying to force the idea of suicide down the rest of our throats can just stop b/c no one wants to hear you. I just graduated for high school and this song has been in 2 important moments this past year. This song was the ultimate prom song for me, our theme was "time of your life,"I couldn't have wished for a better song/theme for prom and the end of high school. It was the perfect send off. It was also played during a slideshow at our football banquet and it made me and the rest of the seniors cry knowing that after 6 years of playing football it was over forever. Good Riddance/Wake me up When September Ends, forever will be among my top 5 favorites.

This song was released alomost the same day that a very special Uncle died suddenly and unexpectedly. He was one to always live life to the fullest and never passed up an opportunity for a new adventure. Though his life was cut short prematurely, I keep the song in my heart as a reminder that he made every day "the time of his life".

During the year 1894, Pierre Curie wrote me letters that seem to me admirable in their form. No one of them was very long, for he had the habit of concise expression, but all were written in a spirit of sincerity and with an evident anxiety to make the one he desired as a companion know him as he was.

In 1984, George Orwell wrote of a world where the only colour to be found was in the propaganda posters. Such is the case in North Korea. Images of Kim Il-sung are depicted in vivid colours. Rays of yellow and orange emanate from his face: he is the sun.

The articles and books that will be read decades from now were written by men and women sitting at a desk and forcing themselves to translate profound ideas into words and then to let those words lead them to even more ideas. Writing can be magic, if you give yourself time, because you can produce in the mind of some other person, distant from you in space or even time, an image of the ideas that exist in only your mind at this one instant.

Nonfiction books are a better bet for personal survival, but this is not to say books are big money makers. Most nonfiction books are paperback originals which means they are $50,000 advances, and most of you could earn more than that spending a year in an office.

Sure, Drudge has expertly applied Microsoft's software-development paradigm to the world of journalism: find out what the other guy is working on; beat him to the market with the story regardless of how buggy it is; revise as necessary. And, yes, he works in a digital medium. But beneath such superficialities, The Drudge Report exists as traditional media's most ardent fanzine; it fairly swoons with gooey mentions of which "ace investigative reporter" is working on what traffic-stopping, wire-burning expose. And even when Drudge adopts a chiding tone, his adulation always shines through - in his universe, it's Michael Isikoff, Maureen Dowd, and Howard Kurtz, rather than the political figures and celebrities they report on, who are the true stars. Because pretty much every journalist and pundit fervently believes that this is, indeed, the natural order of things, traditional media has rewarded Drudge's unctuous perspicacity by giving him a like amount of coverage.

Hey! Were you aware that for a long while now, internet scribe Matt Drudge has been active, leading the press, like horses, to water? Of course you were! But that doesn't alter the grand press tradition of writing an article describing this phenomenon anew every thirty-six hours!

This is remarkable information considering that most ancient historians focused on political and military leaders, not on obscure rabbis from distant provinces of the Roman Empire. Yet ancient historians (Jews, Greeks and Romans) confirm the major events that are presented in the New Testament, even though they were not believers themselves.

Back when I first wrote on the subject, I caught a newspaper reference to a university seminar in which one of the professors reportedly said that Fred Coots, co-writer of the song, was Jewish. I reported that Coots was Jewish. However, upon reflection, I am not sure that this newspaper source is unimpeachable and haven't been able to find a reliable independent source that confirms the newspaper's information.

However, this tune has been gradually slipping down the ASCAP ranks. It dropped two notches since 2007. I suspect that's because singer Bing Crosby, who did the original and still the most popular version of the song, has now been gone a long time.

Richard B. Smith and Felix Bernard wrote "Winter Wonderland" in 1934 and it quickly became a hit for bandleader Guy Lombardo. In 1946, new versions by the Andrew Sisters and Perry Como helped make the song a perennial Christmastime favorite.

Hanukkah (known by many spellings) is an eight-day Jewish holiday commemorating the rededication of the Second Temple in Jerusalem at the time of the Maccabean Revolt of the 2nd Century BCE. It is marked by the lighting of a menorah and the eating of fried foods.

I sat with my back against the trunk of a large tree, my head tilted back so I could look up at the moon. It was late autumn, and the branches above were bare, letting me see the dark sky with ease. The sight was breathtaking. The heavens looked like a painting; millions of twinkling stars were splattered across a midnight blue canvas, and the moon shone like a beacon calling me home. It’s easy to feel small, and insignificant, when gazing upon a sight so grand, and I let out a little content sigh. This was my favorite place to escape to, when life began to weigh too heavily on my shoulders. I could sit here, listening to the sounds of the woods, and feel completely at peace. I closed my eyes then, allowing the moment to sink in, and the stress of the day faded away.

Trapped in this repetition, appearance suffers, condition deteriorates. All that seemed to matter now was the world that lived in my head. A world locked in the past. Never escaping a cruel cycle of regrets, and longing. Such a heavy weight, I collapsed against the couch in defeat, absolutely broken inside. Clutching my face, sobbing painfully, rocking softly in place.

There is a deeper fear in knowing that you might forget the person you love, that time will erode the memory of their face, and you will never get it back again. That fear can become an urgent desire to find some way to always remember them. To somehow immortalize their vestige in your mind, making them permanent in your memories and in your heart.

This was magic school? I stood and stared at it; I thought it seemed to be set up to depress us. I saw the green hill rising from the earth like some kind of cancer, and I could hear the voices of students on the wind, chanting soullessly, as if the wonder and awe of true magic had been whitewashed from their lives.

That’s not me. There’s plenty I could have done instead, but I happen to like writing enough to keep at it, beyond the point at which most others would have given up. Even those writers who had a fairly easy time of it from the start — got an agent on their first try, got a publisher on their first submission — had to keep slugging away, writing book after book, until enough readers discovered them to make them a bestseller. It takes enormous persistence and discipline.

Format your write-up in a readable style. Consider a prompt-and-colon format so that you list pertinent information followed by a colon, as in: Contact information: Nature of complaint: In addition to being highly readable, this format may force you to stick to just the facts; a narrative style, such as one resembling an essay, runs the risk of becoming too long-winded.

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