Was totally stuck until i read this, now back up and ruinnng.

was totally stuck until i read this, now back up and ruinnng.
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The truth is, you have the power to move forward no matter what obstacles block your path.  You have the power to live up to your highest vision of how your life can be.  You have the power to follow through and make significant progress on your biggest goals.  You have all this power because you have the CHOICE.  In each moment you can choose what you think, what you do, and who you want to be.

Hi guys, as you can tell im new to the forum. So HI! :) last night i was browsing the web and my computer was acting strange so i decided to restart it (big mistake), i then installed some windows updates. Since then on i have not been able to do anything but go through this repetitive loop...

On two different occasions during the past couple weeks, I became a victim of the iPhone's slow recharge speed.  I was spilling my guts and emphasizing a crucial point during a pivotal conversation with a "friend" (the controversial  word which prompted my call in the first place) when my phone died. I knew my power was draining, because that annoying indicator told me, but I figured I could plug it in and get back to business- Nope.

I encountered this iPhone battery recharge problem for the first time today. After reading these earlier posts, it appears that my iPhone battery was completely drained for the first time since purchase because it did its first self-shutdown today. Now I understand why it is recharging so slowly. In the past I have always recharged when the indicator was just below one-half charge and at those times my iPhone would come to a complete recharge within 20 to 30 minutes. So, now I'm anticipating a 1 to 1 1/2 hour recharge period with great anticipation. I do not want to shop for a new battery!

I had a similar problem some time back... my system was hit with some malware/virus that really messed up my PC. After several attempts to 'Clean' it up and several 'ReFormats and Fresh Installs' of the OS... I finally came across the answer that fixed my 'Persistantly ReOccuring Infestation' ! I had to 'Power Down' the PC, 'Unplug it from the Power Supply'... and 'Pull the Button Cell Battery' off the Motherboard, 'Powered Up the PC without the battery' to force it to load the 'Actual Factory BIOS', 'Power Down' again, reinstall the Battery and finally 'ReBoot' and 'Manually make changes to the BIOS Settings in order to 'clear the 'CMOS MEMORY' where the VIRUS was stored ! ! ! Every time the PC booted up the first thing that it did was 'LOAD THE VIRUS' then load everything else ! It was very frustrating ! ! !

Nothing I tried worked and after not finding any answers online, I gave up and restored my system once more. This time, after everything installed, I can log on to my profile now, but there are still problems. Every now and then, Windows Explorer crashes or sometimes, I see the desktop then the screen goes completely black aside from the mouse pointer. Then, after a few minutes, the desktop comes back with a bunch of error messages, but after dismissing them, everything runs fine. Everything except for Internet Explorer, of course, which is now slow and has trouble loading web pages and sometimes only loads half the page or can't load the page at all, even though I still have an internet connection. Sometimes, I even get an iexplorer.dll error (I occasionally get other.dll errors, but I can't remember them).

Another instance of one slipshod group (the PC manufacturers) coordinating with another bunch of cheat-the-suckers (Microsoft) to achieve happiness for all (excepting, of course, the poor saps who are stuck with putting up with this larceny).

In a situation where you've encountered malware that refuses to be removed, simply restore your system to an image backup that was taken before the infection, and you're done. No complicated removal instructions to follow, no questioning whether or not, it's really gone, just a restore from a backup image.

Always install it on a partition and migrate your data on a preview release. This really should be the default installation procedure with an option for upgrading. I think the assumption is that developers know better (which is a pretty reasonable assumption!)

Excitement had drawn me into this ill-fated installation, and that same excitement made me forget basic computing protocol. Backing up my Mac via Time Machine would have made the process of reverting to Mavericks much easier, but I had neglected to do so. It looked unlikely that I would ever be able to restore my computer to its original state.

And above all you shared that with the world? I doubt your employer or clients would be thrilled to know you decided to put your work in jeopardy because you were too excited to wait for at the very least the official beta coming later this summer nor backup.

I was having the same problem, first no charging always zero percent, then tablet dead and static when connected to charger. turns out it was a loose connection, the wires connecting the battery to the device were loose. so after reconnecting them it worked. You can pop the back cover and check yourself. it can be easily done with your nail.

I had to change mine this summer because i dropped my first nexus 7 since the 4.2 update its like my battery is dying quicker then ever i used to have up to 9 hrs now i have 6. And my screen is flickering and it sounds like my tablet creaks too anyone kno a solution to this.

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