What a oy to find soemone else who thinks this way.

what a  oy to find soemone else who thinks this way.
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Arguments emerge over apparently trivial issues, the elders tell us, because they really reflect underlying values. Whether the wife purchases an expensive camera or the husband a new golf club is not the core issue in what can become a monumental fight, but rather the deeper attitude toward what money means, how it should be spent and whether the financial interests of the couple are more important than indulging an individual whim. Similarity in core values serves as a form of inoculation against fighting and arguing.

I want to thank you for acknowledging that some girls know how to be independent when in a relationship with their significant other. So many posts like this trash on being in a real, nurturing and mature relationships while in your 20s. I hate that! Much of the time the author is not ready (as you stated), but does not realize that this is not the case for every individual. I have dated my boyfriend consistently for the past 5 years and he is the man I fully intend to marry (and intend to experience the world). I am not pushed to settle with him but explore new and exciting things, it just happens to be my boyfriend and not my best girl friend.

Is so moving and so meaningful to me right now, that I almost feel like you wrote it TO me, right at this moment.  The entire concept is so hard to accept but yet can be the savior of all and any marital conflict, if you can reduce it to just one thing.

Hi Amnas, thanks so much for commenting. I recently re-published this article after making some changes so lost all the original comments! Anyway, really good to hear this helped. Thanks again and Happy New Year!

You could spend your life agonising over whether someone’s interested in you, analysing every word, and stalking them online to see what they’re up to. Or you could save yourself the hassle and actually ask them out.

When I know some one is in love I just know it. When people are in love they can't stop looking in each others eyes and laughing at each others dumbness. I know this because I'm in love when you feel lonely when he's not there. When he says I love you, you feel it when he smiles, you smile. When you always want to be together all the time. When you stay on the phone listening to each other silence. Falling in love makes you do crazy things. I have been in love over a year and six months so I have to say that you will know when you are in love. Love is just a word; when you say it, it is when you show it. When you hold, kiss, smile and support and get upset with him or her you will know. When you do anything for them when they are sick, sad or in trouble. I'm in love with my boyfriend because I know I can't do anything with out him

There isn't really a sure way of knowing if somebody is in love, but one of the signs that many lovers show is that they start acting weird. What I mean by this is that like let’s say before they were mean to you, now all of a sudden start being nice to you, some of them even stops eating. In reality there are endless possibilities of know if someone is in love or not, but the ones that I mentioned are the most common ones.

I don't know if there is a real way to tell if someone is in love without asking them. I don't even think I understand the meaning of love or what it is. I don't believe I have ever been in love so I don't know how to tell you or explain to you anything. What I've heard from my friends is that it’s a feeling of joy of wanting someone to have everything no matter what it does for you. And that you can tell by just looking at a person their entire outlook changes even there appearance changes. I think love is something serious like a disease that everyone wants to catch but when they have it they don’t want its pain at its worst but at its best. It’s like flying.

Well there are many ways you can tell when someone is in love. Sometimes a person will do anything and everything to try and please their lover. Going through dangerous obstacles, doing ridiculous things, and enjoying wonderful times that will last forever. When a rich man makes a shrine of his wife, you know he’s in love. When the average woman goes out of her way by throwing her a party for her anniversary when she gets home, you know she’s in love in love. When you see an elderly couple on the park bench still hugging each other with smiles on their faces, you know their in love. Anybody and everybody who has fallen in love can see the signs and signals that they’re in love. They’ve felt it before so therefore can see it.

I truly and deeply love this man. I would have done anything for him. I was entirely commited and dedicated to him but no relationship can bloom if there is no trust. I feel like he was hiding from me this part of him that left me hurt and confused as I couldnt understand his behavior and somehow, his immaturity.

You can resolve this by giving him the constant impression that you are seeing someone else and you've always got a full schedule. I know this may be hard to do because all you want is to spend as much time with him as possible, but RESIST your desires in order for things to progress smoothly.

If you're with him day-in and day-out, holding on to his arm, breathing his air and genuinely suffocating him with your affection, then you might actually be freaking the guy out. Personally, this is my type of woman – it might come down to some sort of mommy issues – but not all guys are like me so try to control yourself and appear less infatuated if you want him to notice you.

However, if your feelings for him are so strong that you simply must have this man, despite him having weak characteristics, then do the proper “WOMANLY” thing and ask him out yourself. Do know that if you had to be the one that asked him out, your relationship will pretty much be the same the future, aka in you're the one making all the moves.

Sometimes things are just easier said than done. You'd feel a lot better if you knew exactly why he wasn't falling for you in return. It's true that all guys are different, but if he just isn't into you, it's likely going to come down to one of the following 18 reasons:

Now I want to make you an offer. I want you to experience the freedom, self-confidence and joy that I have through understanding men, so I’ve created a course on this very subject with my husband (who is my Hero). It’s designed for you to become the goddess you were destined to be with men, and it will eliminate your anxiety, confusion and mistakes with any man. I invite you to join me and my other members in the exclusive Members Area, where you can start “

Because when you truly understand them, you stop worrying, and getting hurt and upset all the time. When you’re hurt and upset all the time, your feminine energy doesn’t show up. You’re tight and controlling. And that is not pleasant from a man’s perspective — or anyone’s, including your own.

When I think of people who made the biggest impact in my life, it was not their expertise or accomplishments that provided me with the direction, guidance and reassurance I needed to accomplish my goals. It was their sincere belief in me. They let me know through their words and actions that I mattered.

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