What a plreusae to meet someone who thinks so clearly

what a plreusae to meet someone who thinks so clearly
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If you have been reading comment online about this spell caster Obudun Magonata it will be easy for me to tell you this that he couldn’t get any more really that he is already. I have come to a conclusion that the gift he possess and his good heart are the strongest most powerful thing i have ever known. He is the most straight forward person and most understanding anyone can ever meet. He did not even ask for my money he just asked me to get materials that will be needed for the spell and that was it. To start, i am an alcoholic and also have a strong addiction for gambling. I lost almost a 100 grand on internet gambling and still did not stop at the same time i was drinking heavily i got suspended form work for a duration of four years because of my drinking problem & my home, i destroyed it with by myself. I was unfaithful to my wife several times and she knew what was happening, i kept yelling over nothing on my girls. My addiction to gambling and drinking was complimentary i was losing a lot of money and still playing and was drinking a lot to calm my nerves. The addiction made me numb my feelings was gone. My wife , my girls saw me as a monster. I remember this day, my wife told me it as my second girl’s birthday the other week and my responds was “grown *** girls don’t celebrate their birthday and if she wanted to she can as well go get a job so she can use want she earn to celebrate every day of her life”. I still can’t believe i said that to my wife and on top of that her sister was right there. My wife was hurt it was written all over her face her face and she told me ” I don’t even know who you are any more where is the man that use to be the human shield of this family ? that man would never had said anything to hurt me or his kids you don’t even care that you are scaring h*** out of this girls? one more of this and i am out” there i told her i don’t need them they were weighing me down that there were burden on me. Those words still hunts me till this d...

Great post! I love it! It’s a good reminder for me right now because I entered into the dating process with someone recently with the vow to be true to myself and not to change my behaviour in order to be more attractive to him. I was approaching it with authenticity in mind. My decision was that if I just be myself, then he will either choose me as I have chosen I want to be with him, or he won’t… but the bottom line is that I am giving him the chance to truly choose the real me. That is pretty huge for me. I have moments when I start to feel desperate because I know what I want, but the key thing for me is to ignore this passing moments of desperation and to stick to being me and let go of the outcome. It’s hard at times to let go of the outcome when I want the outcome to be us getting together… but if I truly believe that we are meant for each other, I am going to have to be cool and allow that to happen, having faith in myself that it will work out without me trying to make it do so. If this man doesn’t choose me, then I think it would be a mistake for him… but it will be his mistake to make if he doesn’t see what I see. That is just how it will have to be. I have been in no rush to get into a relationship because I have not been ready. I am just shocked at how quickly the excitement can whisk me off my feet when I need to enter into this with my feet on the ground or not at all. I have known this man for years and I know how happy he can make me. I actually love who he is as a person and not just the way he makes me feel. This is why he is so important to me. But keeping things in perspective is vital because I love myself too much these days to lose my authentic self in a relationship. I have decided to speak my mind with him and not to play games because I want him to know me. When I kissed him I felt like I had never truly kissed anyone else before. That might sound strange, but I think he is the only person I have ever been that intimate with. The intimacy...

JG–your comment is a year or so old, I wonder if/how things have improved for you, I really hope they have! I know that exact feeling & situation and how painful it is. I chased my husb for years thinking I could make him love me as much as I did him. The years took their toll and I asked to separate, I was empty, neglected and tired. 6mos later I met a guy who fit what I was looking for, I just wanted a friend w/ benefits, good sex, and I really liked the way he made me feel, I became addicted to his pain, and apparently common sense, numbing effect. for 2.5 yrs. I didn’t think I’d ever see a day where I’d be free of it, even knowing we didn’t love each other. As I came to care more about myself again, knowing he was seducing a number of other women, inc his ex who he had real feelings for, began to turn me off. I’ve done a lot of soul searching recently and realized I didn’t love myself. As I’ve worked on myself, I look back at the sad girl I was who accepted less than what she deserved bcuz that’s all she thought she was worth. I couldn’t be tempted by my ex-lover if he tried. It really is true, if you don’t love yourself you can’t love anyone else. I hope you’ve been able to gather the strength to walk away, from this or any situation that isn’t lifting you up. Its hard as hell, I know, but you will save years of fruitless heartache. You’re worth being loved the way you want!!

Arrrgh!! thank you for the bitter medicine Christine. I am  currently chasing someone who was wooing me intensely & then recently stopped. I wasn’t actually choosing him until his pursuit was so strong & titillating that I thought, wow, I like this, why not give him a chance. Now I feel myself to be in love with the fantasy of what was & my ego is relentlessly trying to convince me that I must make him see that he does want to chose me. icky!  This scenario plays into an old story that once men get to know me they don’t like me. Wreckage form a past relationship gone awry. As much as I say & think that I want a committed relationship, I never seem to find the “right” person. Looks like maybe I do have a deep fear of commitment. I can’t seen to shake the feelings of being “less than”  & wishing he would see me in the light that he once did. It’s a moment to moment battle with my ego to keep the truth separated form the story. It has crossed my mind though that if I were to “get” him. I would probably be be unsatisfied as I think I am in love with the fantasy more than the real person. It just feels like how can he be so unaffected & I in such turmoil? I guess that is an assumption I am making. Ok, love affair with myself starts today.

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