Plensiag to find someone who can think like that

plensiag to find someone who can think like that
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dont leave him, it could be the biggest mistake of your life, my girlfriend left me same story, 2.5 years dating but 3 in total, she also had a coworker who liked her for about 5 months, then bam she left me for him , acted like she had no emotions, nothing, I chased her, then I just went NC, this guy was just a fronter putting on a sad story which made her like him and feel sorry for him. anways. now they are split up she disappeared, then she showed up at my house, she looked disgusting. not that fit good looking girl I loved, she looked like a hooker, scrawny. lots of make up. I could tell she was drinking lots of wine and drugs because her nose was all red. and she was crying telling me how she made a mistake, how she stopped taking care of her kid and she wanted to see my kid too but I said no.( girls were the same age) she said she wanted to be a family and she's done letting loose, I told her that I built this life origionaly for me and her, but she left and wanted to party and be with mr wright, she went down hill. I went up, I now have a nice big home, hot tub, a second vehicle, and I'm in my 3 year of sheetmetal. I drove her to her parents house, who I once new very well, because we were once family, they were happy to see me, but not her. I ran a bath for her and then I had a long talk with her parents, they said her new friend whos a girl,(the one who convinced her to dump me for him) stopped being friends with her and conviced her NEW boyfriend to dump her, so she was even more of a wreck, doing coke and crack and drinking, her parents almost begged me to take her back, but I said no, I said I love her and it breaks my heart to see her like this, but when she dumped me, she left me with all the problems. I even just had a family member die, and I begged and cried, she posted pics of her and him on Facebook the next day, threw our little family out the window. I said if she would have came back way sooner, I would have tried, but now she is not that...

Story of my life! Well, my advice to you is not to leave your boyfriend for someone else. I don't believe that's a good enough reason. If you're truly unhappy in your relationship, then you break up with him because you're unhappy. If you leave him solely because you like someone else, you may regret it later on if your relationship with this other guy does not turn into what you want. Especially after being with someone as long as you've been with your boyfriend, I would say you still need time to get over that relationship before you start thinking of getting into another otherwise you risk it becoming just a rebound and that's never good. Think about the reasons why your feelings for your boyfriend have changed. Focus on that and you will know whether it's time to leave him or not. Do not focus on whether being with someone else would be better. That will come eventually, but only after you've made the first choice to break up or not.

I have been with my boyfriend now for over 2 1/2 years. I feel like I love him and that I could possibly have a life with him. But over this past year those feelings haven't been as strong and I've thought about leaving him at times. I have now found out that someone I work with and have been attracted to for about 5 months likes me as well. So I hung out with him the other day and I feel like I really like him and that things would be so much more fun and easier with him. But I don't want to hurt anyone and I don't want to make the wrong decision. Please help!

This is a hard one, but regardless I'll do my best. First I would say trust with what you feel is right, and my opinion is that if you don't see this relationship you're in going anywhere, then let him down gently just don't mention the other guy. Whatever happens is really up to you so I hope you can work things out

I don't know if there is a real way to tell if someone is in love without asking them. I don't even think I understand the meaning of love or what it is. I don't believe I have ever been in love so I don't know how to tell you or explain to you anything. What I've heard from my friends is that it’s a feeling of joy of wanting someone to have everything no matter what it does for you. And that you can tell by just looking at a person their entire outlook changes even there appearance changes. I think love is something serious like a disease that everyone wants to catch but when they have it they don’t want its pain at its worst but at its best. It’s like flying.

There is no telling when or how or why it’s all very natural. It’s like the sun rising and sun setting people don't know why there’s such thing as night when there is a beautiful sunshine. Love is like the seasons, summer when a person is single the only love they have for is themselves their families and their friends, fall when you start changing your way of viewing things when it comes to love, winter when the love that has cherished for so long ends for some, spring when the new love blooms like a beautiful lily flower. Love is very hard to explain, nourish and keep. For some love is never around, for others it’s all around their atmosphere. There is never telling when you’re in love; there is just telling when you have that feeling. The symptoms of love are like a strange sickness. First it starts with the small sparkle in the eye of that special someone, second you feel those butterflies kick in your tummy and it makes you smile and ticklish, third you stutter when you try speaking with the person. There’s many ways to tell but these are the most common symptoms. Love always has worked in strange ways that’s all you can say about it.

The word LOVE is not really explanatory, we just know it exits. For me knowing when someone is in love would be when they will take their life to see you safe. Everything has to start at some point maybe a feeling of butterflies in your stomach when you see them, or even the moment when you’re trying to catch your breath when you talk to them. It’s like I heard once ''love is the closest thing we have to magic''. Magic is mysterious and works in different ways and love is just the same. It’s also possible to say that love, blinds you from reality. All you do is think and talk about that special person, but that is just my point of view.

It’s quite simple. You can tell by the person’s emotions throughout the day. People in love tend to be so happy all the time and it’s a good thing. You can see the smile light up when they get a text from their significant other. You know when someone is in love when they say they get butterflies in their stomach and can’t control it, also when the couple is completely irresistible. I think you can really tell if someone is in love when they support each other, have the ultimate respect, and are just enjoying each other’s company. Love is a beautiful thing that everyone deserves to have, and it’s a special feeling that everyone’s grasps and really takes it to heart. Love is out there.

Hello Weston. I think the best thing for you is to stop worrying about how lame your life is – and start looking for people and activities you enjoy so you can make it less lame. Are there really only jerks in your school? Are there some girls you’d like to get to know better as friends? You never know, you might fall in love that way too – and in a much more natural, relaxed way. Are there other things besides school you could do to put some fun in your life? Just make it a priority to make yourself happy, spend time with people who make you feel good, get to know someone you like as a person, make the most of your relationships. You’re so young and there is plenty of time to find love. And you will once you focus on he things that make you happy and fulfilled, you’ll become much more fun to be around too – so more girls will be interested in you, and the right one will come along more easily. How you feel about yourself and your life plays a big role in how people perceive you, and how much they want to be in your company.

Thank you for replying. My belief is that I am very lovable and I live in a big city where it is hard to make connections with other people because everyone is always rushing around. It is expensive to go out and I have tried on line dating to no avail. I have not given up hope but I have been very depressed and so many people tell me that there are no good men in this town (NYC). I have lived here most of my life and I can tell you that many of them seem to be perfectly content being single unless they have gotten so old they need a babysitter. There is a lot of disfunction around here. I do not have access to Skype so I do not think you have any more to offer me other than commenting on this site. I appreciate the fact that you say I should not give up because it is so cliche around here for people to say if the guy’s don’t marry by 50 they never will. I don’t believe that is true. The last one misled me and it was a very painful experience. I tried my best and learned some important lessons but it was very draining. Unbeknownst to me he was using drugs and this created a wedge in our relationship not only because of his unhealthy habits, but because of his bad news friends who made things difficult. I could not really comprehend what was happening and began to withdraw from it because of the strain. He was extremely hostile to me after that which he never had been before. I was so kind to him and was really worn out by all this. Apart from these problems, he was smart, funny, gentle and loving. But then the top finally blew off and we parted. I am not a quitter but love is a 2 way street and he was, after all was said and done, content to be alone rather than hammer out the differences.

Dear Richard, I do read all the comments. I think you’ve given yourself some pretty good answers there already ?? I think it’s a great idea to go out and meet people, and just don’t be embarrassed for who you are and what you’re like – some girls might ignore you or put you in friend zone, but the girls that are right for you won’t. The confidence you are looking for will come when you feel good about who you are – not when you emulate someone else’s ways. I am sure you have a lot to offer to a potential partner, and all you need to be confident is convince yourself you can. Not all girls are looking for the same type, and there are plenty who value guys with something more to show then a gym body. I think it’s good for you to create opportunities to meet people, get into interaction, start conversations, that will help you with your shyness – you’ll get better at it with practice, and more relaxed about it. Also, regarding meeting people in a small town – there is always online dating, but since it is a new place for you why not explore it first. There might be a great girl living just next door, you never know. Good luck and thanks for commenting!

Hi Petra – Also something very trying has been happening lately. My ex has a high profile career in the entertainment business and those who know him (only a few as we kept the affair quite private as people love to gossip) come up to me from time to time with unsolicited “updates” as to his adventures, jobs, whereabouts, social activities and so on. Why on Earth they think this is helpful to me I have no idea. Clearly I am not involved in all these great and fun things, so how is this supposed to make me feel good? Plus I have a television set and a computer and can find this stuff out for myself any time I like. The guy has some wonderful qualities. But he sorely lacks the most important one, which he does not share with me. So no matter how “great” he is, it really does me no good. Every time a well meaning friend tells me they saw him here or there with this one or the other one the pain comes back just like it happened yesterday. I wish people would keep these comments to themselves unless asked. I did ask one friend to let me know if she should hear if he should die as he had lead a rather unhealthy lifestyle in the past. Other than that, whatever he does has no bearing on my life. I knew him very well and there is no sense in going over the same material. It just brings me down at this point when I am really trying to put it behind me. I wish him well, but I wish ME well too And that means turning the page and closing that book. I can’t speak for others because we are all different, but I know my friends can really help if they see it that way. I have had some very uncomfortable conversations with people on this topic, so I try to be tactful when it comes to discussing past relationships with others and let them take the lead, or at least ask a more searching question rather than “I saw your ex on such & such show last night. He looked great.” Thanks! How would they feel if I said I saw you ex while I was on vacation in Europe with a beautiful girl kissing...

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