Plensiag to find someone who can think like that

plensiag to find someone who can think like that
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I don't know if there is a real way to tell if someone is in love without asking them. I don't even think I understand the meaning of love or what it is. I don't believe I have ever been in love so I don't know how to tell you or explain to you anything. What I've heard from my friends is that it’s a feeling of joy of wanting someone to have everything no matter what it does for you. And that you can tell by just looking at a person their entire outlook changes even there appearance changes. I think love is something serious like a disease that everyone wants to catch but when they have it they don’t want its pain at its worst but at its best. It’s like flying.

It’s quite simple. You can tell by the person’s emotions throughout the day. People in love tend to be so happy all the time and it’s a good thing. You can see the smile light up when they get a text from their significant other. You know when someone is in love when they say they get butterflies in their stomach and can’t control it, also when the couple is completely irresistible. I think you can really tell if someone is in love when they support each other, have the ultimate respect, and are just enjoying each other’s company. Love is a beautiful thing that everyone deserves to have, and it’s a special feeling that everyone’s grasps and really takes it to heart. Love is out there.

There isn't really a sure way of knowing if somebody is in love, but one of the signs that many lovers show is that they start acting weird. What I mean by this is that like let’s say before they were mean to you, now all of a sudden start being nice to you, some of them even stops eating. In reality there are endless possibilities of know if someone is in love or not, but the ones that I mentioned are the most common ones.

When I know some one is in love I just know it. When people are in love they can't stop looking in each others eyes and laughing at each others dumbness. I know this because I'm in love when you feel lonely when he's not there. When he says I love you, you feel it when he smiles, you smile. When you always want to be together all the time. When you stay on the phone listening to each other silence. Falling in love makes you do crazy things. I have been in love over a year and six months so I have to say that you will know when you are in love. Love is just a word; when you say it, it is when you show it. When you hold, kiss, smile and support and get upset with him or her you will know. When you do anything for them when they are sick, sad or in trouble. I'm in love with my boyfriend because I know I can't do anything with out him

I re- read your post Sharon. I see you are going to college. That is great. You will surely have a chance to join a gym, a club and meet new friends in class. As I said, just be yourself. You ARE a unique individual. I have travelled all over the world and I can tell you there is every type of person you can imagine out there. Including only one just like you! I have always found that good manners are essential to meeting good people. Let your own common sense be your guide as you mix and mingle. Think for yourself. You will find the one that is right for you. And hit the gym. You will feel better. I still do it after many years. i have not found a husband yet, but I have not settled in a cat. Cats are okay, but not as a sole companion.

Im in love with agirl who was a senior im a junior she was perfec tand without any flaws that i could tell from seeing her. I actually signed up to do lights for a play she was in because i was so in love with her she graduated and i really miss ive literally had a panick attack one night after i last saw her help please

These days, with online social media and the Internet, you can pretty much find people who like to do anything you like to do. From knitting hats for cats to collecting particular kinds of rock, from listening to any kind of music to reading the collected works of obscure Romanian poets. If you like it, someone else likes it, I can almost guarantee it.

In the same vein, while you want to be generous with your praise, be stingy with your criticism. People have delicate egos, and even a slight word of condemnation can wound someone's pride. Of course correction will be necessary at times, but it should always have a purpose and be handled with care. If someone makes an error, don't call that person out in front of a group. Be discreet, be delicate. Consider offering up a compliment sandwich--a deliciously effective strategy that involves dishing out praise before and after a criticism. For example:

That newsletter template you sent over looks great, good work. So it looks like there were a few numerical errors in that recent report you sent over--just be sure to double check those numbers. I also wanted to tell you to keep up the great stuff you've been posting in Facebook--I've been seeing a big boost in engagement.

People love a good story, and great stories require sophisticated storytellers. Storytelling is an art form that requires understanding of language and pacing. Master the fine oral tradition of storytelling and people will flock to you like you're The Bard.

Your goal should really be to get the other person to recognize the mistakes without you pointing them out. Even in the example above, you could simply say, "I saw a few numerical errors in that recent report you sent over," and wait for a response. If the individual responds apologetically and promises to try harder, you don't need to drive home the subject. Tell them not to worry, that you're sure they'll get the hang of it, and move on. The less finger-pointing, the better.

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