The hotnsey of your posting is there for all to see

the hotnsey of your posting is there for all to see
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Turning off instant personalization is relatively easy. On the applications and websites page that you are currently on, simply click on “Edit Settings” next to “Instant Personalization”. Facebook will then display a video explaining to you what the service is and why you should keep it enabled. Click on “Close” and then uncheck the box next to “Enable instant personalization on partner websites.”

Facebook and Twitter are very different animals. On the former you're typically only followed by "friends" (i.e. people you know) and on the latter all sorts of strangers will follow you if you're interesting enough. (There are, of course, exceptions, like having a public Facebook Page that anyone can follow, or having a private Twitter account). So posting the same content on both?cross-posting?is common. And, it's pretty easy. (Some also call it lazy and annoying.)

Finally, check the icons on the lower left of your Status box. They allow you to show what you're feeling, reading, or watching, and let you insert images, post your location, and tag friends who you are with or whom you want to notice the post. You don't have to use the icon to tag though. When you start typing a word that begins with a capital letter, Facebook infers you are tagging someone and provides you with a drop-down list of your friends (and some people you don't even know) to select.

You have a number of options with a status update. The most important is setting who can see the post. Click the down arrow next to "Public" to view a menu of choices including "Friends," "Friends except Acquaintances," or even "Only Me," or "Custom," which lets you customize who sees it (or can't see it) based on pre-configured lists. Don't assume someone on your "don't share this with" list is actually never going to see what you post. All it takes is another friend to share an item, or just take a screenshot, and your so-called-secret post is outed.

Want to make your status update stand out? Promote it. Promoted posts get higher prominence on other people's News Feeds. They also get labeled with the word "Sponsored," because it's really an ad. You have to post the status update first, click Promote on the post, and then you'll be asked for a method of payment for a small fee, which depends on your location and how many people you're reaching. (Facebook thinks mine are worth $6.99.) It can cost more if it's a post on a Facebook Page rather than a personal account.

After clicking "Friends" from the login page, click on the "Create List" button right below the search bar. Here you can name your personalized list, and add as many Facebook friends to it as you like. Once lists are created, you can visit these Feeds whenever you wish to see updates from those individuals only.

The bad news is there is no real middle ground here. For example, you can't identify that you enjoy articles from a friend, but don't want to see his profile picture changes. It's either all (follow) or nothing (unfollow).

If you see an ad that comes across your Feed that you dislike, click the arrow in the upper right-hand corner. Click "I don't want to see this." That alone alerts Facebook that the ad isn't working for you, but you can provide even more feedback by answering the questions that follow.

The best way to make this happen is to simply engage with their posts. "Like" or comment on things that comes through News Feed from that person. This alerts Facebook that you enjoy the content they share, says Marra.

The whole deleting fans thing is kinda tricky, I might add. There may be some who are pretty obviously bots, for example… But you’re bound to mistakenly delete some who are actually interested in your content. I just tend to leave it.

Hi Jon. First of all – I always read your posts when I come online and appreciate the work that goes into determining some of the insight that you provide. That being said, I know I miss some of your posts because…well….I’m not online 24/7 and one only has time to scroll back so far in their newsfeed to see what’s ‘new’. I think that’s ok though. Facebook is a fluid platform and not one in which you should expect to get high penetration 100% of the time. That newsfeed isn’t going to stay still….for any of us anytime soon and I’m fine with that – while we may ‘miss’ some things, it does means the news is always ‘timely’. Have a great day!

Actually, I wrote a post on this last fall. Yes, FB is hiding pages from feeds. I’ve tested this in many different ways. The key is to categorize your pages into lists. If you don’t want to bother with that, simply create a list called EVERYTHING or PAGES or whatever. Click that list every few days and all your pages will return to your feed. Period. (They hid them so that we’ll want to pay per post to promote. I don’t want to do that.) I shared this with all the readers one of my FB pages but not the others. Sure enough, the posts on that page are seen by hundreds each day while the other pages rarely are seen in feeds.

Hey Jon – very useful post. And the results are interesting. Question – is there a way to delete these ‘hiders’ and would that be a good idea if it could be done? I also know I have a large percentage of ‘likes’ that do not interact at all and are there because when I started I was ‘like mine I’ll like yours’ – I am not proud I know!! but would it make sense to get rid of these likes that have no interest in what I am really offering? Great post by the way ~ Gordon

Thanks a million for this. When I noticed those “boost” buttons popping up on my blog’s FB page and realized that I actually had to PAY to take advantage of this, I kind of felt like this was the beginning of the end. Your wisdom is worth more than gold and platinum combined — especially for someone like me who is relatively new to blogging AND inept at Facebook (double whammy). I, too, am going to use this as an opportunity to encourage my readers to subscribe. (By the way, I was led to your page because I subscribe to Honest Mom!)

This is awesome! Honestly, I might/probably wont do it because I am too lazy, but finally a way to outsmart facebook. Seriously, they weren’t even showing me my boyfriend’s updates. If there is ONE person I would want to follow… Anyways, thank you!

Like the idea BUT a few questions… 1) I can't find these "Interest" tabs on the the sidebar while using the IPhone, that's usually the only time I am on FB. 2) Once in favorites, will these "Interests" start to take over the main feed? Because as of now, I am still getting the same garbage clogging my Main Feed. 3) Looks like you can only set up these interests from an actual computer, it wont let you do it on the phone apps. Any suggestions Honest Mom?

Hi Deborah! I am pretty sure you can’t add groups to an interest list. You can control notifications – in the blue bar at the top of Facebook, all the way to the right, click the down arrow. Select Settings. Then select Notifications. You’ll see “How You Get Notifications” and “What You Get Notified About” – under “What You Get Notified About” you’ll see Group Activity. You can change how often you are notified about activity in each group.

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